10 Dad-Themed Party Outfit Ideas That Won't Make You Look Like A Dad

10 Dad-Themed Party Outfit Ideas That Won’t Make You Look Like A Dad

The best way to show your love and respect for the father is by organizing an outfit-themed party.

Father’s Day is coming and there are a lot of ideas to make this day memorable, fun and special for him.

Here are some ideas:

Bring Dad’s or Grandpa’s Ties

You can also bring Dad’s or Grandpa’s ties to the party.

Ties are a symbol of authority and power, so they are a great way to show your love for your dad.

The tie can be a symbol of the father/son relationship, with you wearing it and him wearing it on Father’s Day.

It could also be used as an accessory in a photo booth or game where guests put on fake mustaches and top hats!

You can also find matching shirts and ties for each outfit, so you won’t have to worry about coordinating everything yourself.

A Hawaiian Shirt And a Lei

When it comes to Hawaiian attire, you may be tempted to go for the full-on look: Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals.

However, if you are planning this party with a smaller budget or are simply not into dressing in the traditional way, there are still some ways you can incorporate your outfit into the theme of the party without breaking the bank.

Some ideas include wearing a Hawaiian shirt as a prop (we recommend using one that has been worn in, so it looks like your host wore it on their last trip to Hawaii), or wearing both shorts and sandals (the latter will help keep you cool).

You could also play up your tropical vibe by adding sunglasses!

Find Old Band T-Shirts

One of the most fun and easy things to do for a dad themed party is to find old band T-shirts.

The older and more faded, the better! This is a fun one because it’s so easy and inexpensive.

All you need to do is find an old t-shirt that your dad used to wear when he was in high school or college, and either make a new one with it, or just wear it around the house.

If you want to make one, there are lots of sites out there that can help you do this.

If not, just pick up some iron-on patches at a craft store, and decorate his shirt with them! You can use anything from band logos to sports teams to inspirational sayings.

If you want to take it up a notch, consider getting some fake tattoos for guests to wear.

These are easy to apply and look great on everyone.

You can even get different ones for different family members so they all match!

A Suit With A Tie And A Bowler Hat

A suit with a tie and a bowler hat is a great way to get you looking great for the party.

If you don’t have a suit, grab a black tuxedo jacket and pair it with some dark jeans.

Just make sure you got dress shoes on because no one wants to see their dad in sneakers!

You will also love bow ties! They are so fun and add an extra level of style to an outfit.

Look for anything that has fun colors or patterns on it — they’ll really stand out in photos!

A bowler hat is another great accessory that will add some fun flair to an outfit.

If you don’t want to buy one, just grab an old hat from your grandfather’s closet!

A Dads Belt Buckle Or Pants With A Belt And Suspenders

To achieve the look of your favorite dad, you can choose from a variety of accessories.

Dad belt buckles are a popular choice that can be worn with every outfit.

If you have a picture of your dad on it, all the better! You can also choose pants with suspenders or simply a regular belt and suspenders combo.

Remember to make sure the pants fit well and are not too short because this will make it appear as if he’s wearing diapers under his clothes! Don’t forget about the tie: Dads love ties just as much as they love their children!

Wear Your Favorite Sports Jersey

Sports jerseys are a great choice for a dad party outfit.

They’re easy to find, cheap and can be worn in the comfort of your own home.

Sports jerseys can be found in sports stores or online.

The best part about dressing up as Dad is that you can show off your favorite sports team by wearing their logo on your shirt or tie—or even better, paint yourself with their colors! For example, if my favorite team was the New York Giants (who just won the Super Bowl!), I would probably wear something like this:

Baseball Caps, Baseball Gloves, Baseballs Bats

We love the idea of a baseball-themed party, but sometimes you don’t have time to look up your dad’s favorite team or go to the store and buy a hat.

We’ve got you covered! Baseball caps are always fun, whether they’re for dads or kids.

They can be used as weapons in baseball.

And baseball gloves are just plain fun!

Baseballs are what you hit with bats in baseball.

Balls are what we play with when we aren’t playing with bats and balls, which is most of our lives (so far).

Hats can keep your ears warm when it’s cold outside so that they’re not frostbitten; they can also protect them from sunburn when it’s hot outside so that they don’t turn red and peel off like an onion exposed to too much sunlight—it’ll take longer than normal but still happen eventually if not taken care of properly after being exposed that long.

Beard And Mustache Costumes

Beard and mustache costumes are easy to make.

They don’t require a lot of time, money or skill but they can look really cool.

To make the mustache, glue a band of felt onto the end of a wooden spoon with a hot glue gun.

Let it dry overnight and paint it with black acrylic paint later on with help from your friends if you want something more professional looking than mine!

If you want to grow out your own beard rather than buying one, check out ‘How To Grow A Beard’ by The Art Of Manliness for some tips on how to do so naturally (and safely)!

You can also customize your outfit by adding hair pieces like mine–just use hot glue! Simply cut small pieces of yarn at random lengths then secure them in place with hot glue on top of your head where you want them placed!

Musician Costumes

Does your dad love music? Get him in costume as one of his favorite musicians or even as one of their instruments! Or if he’s really into classic rock music, make him wear something that makes him look like a cross between Elvis and David Bowie (he’ll love it).

If your dad is more of a music lover, here are some ideas for him:

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Musician Dads
  • Jazz Musician Dads
  • Classical Composer Dads (like Beethoven)

Guitar Player Dads (like Eric Clapton) Bass Player Dads (like John Paul Jones) Drummer Dads (like Ringo Starr) Saxophone Player Dads

-Use an old pair of jeans, a white shirt and a red bandana as his outfit.

-Put him in some overalls with an old straw hat.

-If he has a beard, let it grow out for the party then make him wear one of those fake beards that you can buy at costume shops or online(like Sonny Rollins) Trumpeter Dads (like Miles Davis) Saxophone Player Dads.

Video Game Character’s Outfit

If your dad loves video games, get him dressed up as a character from one of his favorite games! If there aren’t any costumes available for sale online at the moment, don’t worry.

There are many ways to dress up as Dad for a party.

You want your dad to look his best at the Dad’s party, and you’ll want him wearing something that says “I’m Dad!” on it.


The best part about dressing up as Dad for a themed party? You can go all out and use your imagination! You might think you have to wear a Hawaiian shirt and khakis, but there are so many other options for dad costumes.

You could wear a suit with a tie that says “dad” on it or even just the word “Dad” written out in big letters.

Whether you want to be an old-fashioned dad with a pipe or a modern dad with an iPad, there’s something here for everyone.

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