The Havana Party Dress: 6 Charming Female Outfits For The Ultimate Party

The Havana Party Dress: 6 Charming Female Outfits For The Ultimate Party

Havana is a city of art and culture.

It’s known for its unique architecture and stunning views of the ocean.

The best thing about Havana?

It has some amazing parties!

There are so many places to visit, enjoy delicious food in little cafes, or dance at nightclubs.

If you’re looking for something special on your next trip to Cuba, then consider wearing one of these outfits to a Havana party.

What to consider when choosing a female outfit for a Havana party?

Before choosing which outfit works best for you to attend a Havana party, let’s learn some things about this special party.

A Havana party is a social event that originated in Cuba, where people gather to dance and enjoy music.

These parties are usually held in outdoor spaces on patios or in homes and neighborhoods.

They usually take place during the summer months, between February and May.

It’s a combination of several different cultures and languages, so it can be pretty tricky to define what exactly makes up this unique party atmosphere.

When it comes to Havana party clothing, here is what you should consider:

  • Your body type: If you’re petite or if you want to give off a smaller impression, choose an outfit with shorter sleeves and skirts that flare at the bottom.

If you’re tall and thin, try wearing something fitted on top with wider bottoms.

For women with curves, wear clothes that accentuate your body shape by emphasizing the right areas.

  • Consider the location of the party:

Some places may have heaters, but others might not so be sure to plan by bringing appropriate clothing depending on what season it is!

However, since this party is typically held in summer, it won’t be freezing.

If it’s chilling outside, then make sure to bring a jacket to wear over your short shirts or dresses while still keeping things classy!

  • Don’t forget some iconic clothing items of a Cuban festival like bold colors, ruffled and layered outfits, with a lot of floral patterns.

6 best Havana party outfit ideas for ladies

Are you looking for the best way to express yourself at a Havana party?

Ruffled Top & Mini Skirt

This outfit is perfect for a night out with friends or a party.

It is especially for the girl who wants to look like she’s just back from a tropical vacation but doesn’t want to spend all day on her makeup and hair.

It’s a little more dressy than everyday wear but not too fancy.

The ruffled top gives it a feminine touch, and the mini skirt is short enough to show off your legs and makes the outfit look fun.

Accessorize with some flats in order to complete the look! If you want to wear this outfit for an evening out on the town instead of joining a dance party, heels will make it look much more attractive.

Off-the-shoulder floral dress

It’s time to turn up the heat, so throw on this sexy, off-the-shoulder number.

This outfit is a great option for a summer party.

It’s light and breezy, but it still has just enough structure to keep everything in place.

The bright colors and floral print are fun and flirty, but the off-the-shoulder cut and high neckline keep this look from being too casual.

Pair it with some strappy sandals, a bold red lip, and a pair of sunglasses, and you are not perfect for a Havana party but also to go to the beach.

A low neckline shirt with floral flowy pants

What better way to celebrate the Cuban capital than with this outfit?

This outfit will have you dancing the night away with your friends or just relaxing at home.

The pants are flowy and floral, perfect for twirling around when the music gets too loud for talking.

The shirt has a low neckline, which is perfect for showing off those cleavage moves.

The combination of both can be a bit much for some people, but it’s worth it when you find that sweet spot between sexy and cute.

An off-the-shoulder shirt and a swirly skirt

You can never go wrong with a simple off-the-shoulder shirt and a swirly skirt.

This is a classic and stylish outfit for your next Havana party.

An off-the-shoulder shirt is a great way to show off some skin while also keeping it classy and chic.

The swirly skirt is super cute and will keep you comfortable all day long.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for plain or patterned pieces.

If you want to add color, try adding bright red heels or a red clutch!

Flutter wrap dress

A flutter wrap dress is a great choice for any Havana party.

This style of dress is flattering on most body types, and its attractive draping makes you look and feel glamorous.

Because it’s easy to wear, comfortable, and versatile, this style has become popular among women who want to look stylish but not too revealing at social events.

The flattering cut of the flutter wrap dress hugs your curves while leaving plenty of room for movement—so you can dance all night without worrying about it riding up or slipping down.

Ruffled chiffon slit gown

A ruffled chiffon slit gown is a great way to show off your legs and add a touch of class to your look.

The ruffle makes it very feminine, while the slit in the skirt allows you to show off those long, lean legs.

If you’re feeling adventurous—or if you want to make sure everyone knows who’s coming into their room—you can also wear heels with this dress and push up that hem for some extra sex appeal.

The best colors for this dress are red or black because they’ll help highlight those curves even more than gray or blue would.

Try wearing sleek black accessories like a purse or shoes with this outfit; they’ll help keep everything streamlined, so there aren’t any competing styles going on simultaneously.


We hope that you’ve found the right outfit for your next Havana party! If you still aren’t sure what to wear, don’t worry – we have plenty more ideas.

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