5 Heaven And Hell Party Outfit Ideas: How To Dress For A Heaven And Hell Party?

5 Heaven And Hell Party Outfit Ideas: How To Dress For A Heaven And Hell Party?

If you’re going to a Heaven and Hell party, you want your outfit to be the right mix of sexy, badass, and edgy.

No pressure!

Here are some ideas for how to dress up in either a heavenly or hellish way.

What to consider when choosing an outfit for a Heaven and Hell party?

When choosing an outfit for a Heaven and Hell party, there are four important things you should consider:

  • Your style.

There is no right or wrong way to dress for this party.

You can choose to wear something super feminine and flirty, or you can go for something edgier and rocker-style.

What matters most is that your outfit will be fun and comfortable.

  • The weather.

Be sure to choose warm clothing that keeps you cozy when the temperature drops at night (and maybe even during the day).

Otherwise, keep it cool if it is hot outside.

  • What activities will you be doing at the party—and who will you spend with?

If activities like dancing or exploring outdoors are planned for guests, then make sure all of your accessories and clothes are comfortable enough for these activities.

  • The main colors of this event are black, white, and red.

Therefore, you should focus on choosing items that come in these three shades.

Normally, white refers to angels in heaven, while black and red are considered devils.

5 best outfits for a Heaven and Hell party

If you are looking for what to wear to attend a Heaven and Hell party, here are some ideas:

White dress with angel wings

If you want to look like you’ve just stepped out of heaven, this is the outfit for you.

Try a white dress with angel wings and an angelic hair halo.

The dress can come in any style, but it should cover your legs.

The angel wings should be made of feathers so that they are light enough for you to wear them without any problems.

They should also be very soft so that they don’t irritate your skin when you wear them over your clothing all day long!

Finish the look with a shimmering face mask and candyfloss pink lipstick for a heavenly look that’s sure to turn heads!

Jeans and a t-shirt with devil horns

This is a classic look that works for both boys and girls.

Try pairing your jeans with a simple t-shirt and accessorize with a belt, shoes, and devil horns.

You can even add a pair of leather pants or other leather accessories if you want to mix things up a bit.

Devil horns can be bought on the market, but it is great to DIY if you have time.

You can even find the t-shirt with the devil horns pattern, which will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

This outfit will be perfect for those who want to go all out on the Halloween theme but don’t want to dress up like Satan himself!

All black everything

All-black outfits are great for any occasion, especially when you’re going to a Heaven and Hell party on the latter side.

Black is a classic color that can be worn all year long.

It’s versatile and goes with anything, from jeans to dresses, skirts to blazers.

There’s no need to worry about finding the perfect shoes or accessories because this look is already complete with the simple addition of a black patent leather belt and some dark lipstick.

So if you’re looking for an easy go-to that allows you more freedom of expression when it comes to accessories and accessorizing, try wearing all-black everything.

Bat wings

If you’re looking for an outfit that will turn heads and make you feel like a badass, this is it.

Bat wings are the perfect accessory if you want to attend a Halloween or Heaven and Hell party.

They’re simple to put together, so long as you have an arm span of at least five and a half feet (or can find someone with that kind of arm span).

Get a pair of bat wings made from black fabric with velcro on the back.

If you don’t know how to sew, check out sites like Etsy and eBay—plenty of sellers offer pre-made options for low prices.

This accessory item is best to match with a black dress that has a low-cut neckline.

Anyway, you can wear the wings with whatever you want, as long as it is black too.

A red dress for a Lucifer look

If you’re going for the Lucifer look, red is your color.

You should wear a short dress with a knee-length hemline and a high waist.

A plunging neckline for the top or backless design will make your neck, shoulders, and cleavage visible.

You can also wear a long sleeve bodycon dress if you want to go all out with the devilish look.

Makeup-wise, you can opt for smoky eyeshadow on your lids with winged eyeliner that brings out the drama effect of your costume (if this is what you’re going for).

If not, stick to neutral colors such as golds and browns instead.

A red lip gloss will complement this outfit best!


This article has given you ideas for what to wear to your next Heaven and Hell party.

If you are having difficulty deciding on an outfit, remember that it’s best to go with something simple and classic.

The last thing you want is your costume to be too busy or over the top, so make sure it fits in with the rest of the theme!

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