7 House Party The Movie Outfit Ideas That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

7 House Party The Movie Outfit Ideas That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

House Party is a famous movie in the 90s across America.

People love it due to not only the comedy situations in the movie but also the characters’ outfits.

If you want to wear like “House Party” characters, here are some outfit ideas that will help:

Play around with the bralette trend

If you’re not sure what a bralette is, it’s basically a bra that has no cups.

It’s more like a sports bra with the straps removed.

Bralettes are great for layering under tanks, tees, and bodysuits.

They can also be worn as outerwear on their own when the weather gets warmer—think strappy crop tops or halter styles that have enough support to keep everything in place without having to wear an actual bra!

There are so many ways to style bralettes: tuck one into high-waisted shorts or skinnies; pair them with jeans (roll up those cuffs!) and combat boots; rock them underneath wide-leg pants; even wear them as bikini tops!

Jazz up a basic tee

A basic tee is an easy starting place for a party outfit, but jazzing it up with a graphic tee or slogan tee can add an extra bit of sass.

Graphic tees are especially good for making a statement because they are loud and bold.

Slogan tees are also great if you want to ensure everyone knows how much you love your favorite brand!

The first thing I did was pair it with my favorite jeans and some bold red lipstick.

Then I added some cute sneakers and was ready to go!

Go for sneakers

The 1990s were a great time for sneakers.

As we all know, the 1990s were an amazing time for fashion.

We saw the rise of grunge, ripped jeans, and flannel shirts that were worn by everyone from rock stars to accountants.

And then there were those cool sneakers that everyone wore!

Nike was everywhere in the 90s, with their iconic swoosh symbol on everything from shoes to socks.

Adidas was also popular and made some classic style options like their Gazelle or shell-toe sneakers.

If you want to recreate that 90s vibe at your next party or event, what better way than wearing some cool vintage sneakers?

You can find them online at sites like eBay or Etsy or even thrift stores if they’re not too old and ratty looking (after all, they will be on display at your party, so they have to look good).

The best part about these shoes is how easy they are to wear: just put them on and go!

No need to worry about trying to match them up with anything else in your outfit because these shoes are already so attention-grabbing on their own!

You can never go wrong with sneakers, especially when you want to add comfort to your outfit.

They can be worn with just about anything, and you always look put together, even if it’s a casual day out!

Add neon to all-black for a ’90s touch

Neon is a fun way to add some color to a basic outfit.

The key is to find the right balance between neon and black.

Going too far with your neon can make the whole look unbalanced and tacky—but if you don’t put enough of it in there, your outfit will be boring and bland.

You can also add neon to an all-white outfit; it will give it an ’80s vibe that’s reminiscent of Madonna’s iconic looks from that decade.

Here are some ideas for how much neon you should use:

  • A pair of bright red jeans or shorts
  • Neon sneakers or other shoes
  • Neon earrings (you can get these at Claire’s)

Try on some oversize denim

If you’re looking to channel the essence of the ’90s with your outfit, you can’t go wrong with oversized denim.

Over-sized denim is a great way to add some edge to an outfit.

The wide legs and sleeves are trendy but also comfortable and flattering.

As far as style goes, it’s hard not to look good in a pair of oversized jeans.

If you want to be extra ’90s, try pairing your oversized denim with a long-sleeve button-up shirt or flannel.

You can also wear a plain white T-shirt under your button-up shirt or flannel.

And it doesn’t stop at denim pants because you can try an oversize denim vest or jacket over your tee.

A button-down shirt and high-waist jeans

If you’re an avid party-goer, it can be hard to resist the urge to wear something flashy and trendy.

But if you’re going for comfort and sophistication, a button-down shirt and high-waist jeans will do the trick.

Button-down shirts with a high waist are flattering on most body types because they draw attention away from the stomach area.

And while they may not be as sexy or attention-grabbing as some other outfits, we’ll discuss later on, and they have their kind of sex appeal: one that comes from feeling confident in what you’re wearing—and knowing that you look great!

High-waist jeans are also slimming and comfortable.

They hug your curves without squeezing them too tightly so that no matter what size they are, they’re sure not to leave any parts hanging loose or bulging outwards in places where there shouldn’t be anything bulging outwards!

Graphic crop top and shorts

You can never go wrong with a graphic crop top and shorts.

This outfit is perfect for a party, and you can combine it with different colors, prints, and patterns.

It’s also a great way to show off your personality while still being stylish! A graphic crop top and shorts are an easy, summery outfit.

You can wear a high-waist pair of shorts to make your waist look smaller or wear matching crop tops and shorts (we love these).

A long graphic tee looks awesome with this outfit—we recommend wearing leggings under the shorts!


There are so many ways to dress up or down this look.

You can choose a high neckline or a low one, and some pockets or none at all.

Don’t be afraid to mix in some neon colors with your black-and-white outfits for an authentic ’90s feel.

It doesn’t matter if you go for sneakers over heels—just have fun with them!

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