14 Pleated Skirt With Sneakers Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like A Rockstar

14 Pleated Skirt With Sneakers Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like A Rockstar

Look, we all have that friend who’s always trying to convince us to wear something different.

They love to experiment with new trends, but sometimes those experiments turn out to be duds.

It’s okay if you’re not comfortable wearing a pleated skirt with sneakers—we’ve got some other ideas for you!

Pleated skirt with white sneakers and khaki jacket

You’re going to want the temperature to drop a bit before you can wear this look, but if you live in a warm climate, add it now! White sneakers add a pop of color to your outfit with white sneakers.

A pleated skirt adds dimension and movement to the skirt and makes it appear more formal than it actually is.

Aand a khaki jacket is a great layering piece to have in your closet.

The hood adds some warmth and works well with a scarf on colder days.

Add a belt for extra style points—you can never have too many belts!

Pleated skirt with a gray sweater and white sneakers

To wear the pleated skirt with a gray sweater and white sneakers, you can add a hat or a beanie to make you look cuter or edgier.

A pleated skirt is definitely an important part of your wardrobe if you want to look trendy, but remember that it may not be suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Pleated skirt with a black sweater, coat, and white sneakers

You can easily add a pair of sneakers to your outfit if you’re wearing a skirt and want to look casual.

To do so, wear a plaid shirt or black turtleneck with a pleated skirt and pair it with white sneakers.

You can also try wearing a black shirt with a plaid blazer or denim jacket and sneakers.

If you’re in the mood for something more casual, go for an oversized sweater, beanie, and white sneakers.

This option is perfect if you want to wear your favorite pleated skirt but still feel stylish!

Pleated skirt with a turtleneck, beige jacket, and white sneakers

This look is casual but still stylish, comfortable, and easy to wear.

The turtleneck gives you a fresh look while the beige jacket adds some elegance.

You can also pair this outfit with black sneakers or high heels for a night out with your friends!

If you’re looking for a casual yet stylish outfit, try this beige turtleneck and beige jacket.

The color combination is perfect for any season, especially during the fall when it’s still warm enough to wear something lightweight like this.

Pleated skirt with a black turtleneck, leather jacket, and sneakers

Pleated skirt with a black turtleneck, leather jacket, and white sneakers

You can wear this look to a casual party, or you can wear it when you’re meeting up with friends for coffee.

Either way, this outfit will make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

The pleated dress gives the look some texture while adding volume to your body shape.

The black shirt is loose around your neck, giving it an edgy vibe while still keeping the outfit simple and chic.

A pair of white sneakers complete this outfit perfectly!

Pleated skirt with a black blouse and plaid blazer for an outfit that’s perfect for work or play!

For this outfit, you’ll want to choose a black blouse that fits the theme of your pleated skirt.

Go for one that’s more fitted or even flared out at the bottom if you want to keep it professional.

You can also opt for a white button-down shirt with some black stripes and not feel too overdressed.

If work isn’t in your future today, try pairing this look with sneakers instead of heels!

As far as what type of shoes go best with this outfit? Well, we recommend choosing something casual—think sneakers or boots! If you’re going for an edgier vibe, try wearing combat boots; otherwise, stick with classic lace-up sneakers like Vans or Converse All-Stars (but make sure they match).

Plaid pleated skirt with black shirt and white sneakers

A plaid pleated skirt is a great way to add some interest and texture to your outfit.

It’s also a practical choice for fall and winter, as it keeps you warm while being lightweight.

There are so many different ways you can wear this skirt, so there’s no reason not to buy one! Here are some ideas for how to wear a plaid pleated skirt with a black shirt and white sneakers:

Pleated skirt with a denim jacket and Converse shoes

You can also pair a denim jacket with your pleated skirt.

You can wear this look with sneakers for a casual, sporty vibe, or you can opt for heels if you want to dress up the outfit.

-Wear it with a black shirt, a pair of white sneakers, and a leather jacket.

This look is perfect for casual days out or dates.

It’s simple, yet stylish! -Wear it with a black tank top or turtleneck sweater, black leggings, and ankle boots for an edgier look that’s still feminine.

-Wear it with a white button-down shirt tucked into high-waist jeans for more formal occasions like work meetings or weddings.

Maxi pleated skirt with a striped top and white shoes

If you are looking for a comfortable outfit to wear to your office, then this one is the best.

You can team it up with a white shirt or blouse and sneakers.

This combination looks trendy and classy at the same time.

You can also wear an off-shoulder top with this look for a more relaxed, casual feel.

There are some other things you can try to add for a mix-and-match outfit:

  • Add a scarf
  • Add a cardigan or blazer
  • Add a statement necklace
  • Add tights under the skirt if it’s cold outside, but make sure you don’t match your shoes to the color of your tights.

Try styling your pleated skirt with sneakers in contrasting colors like red and blue or yellow and green!

If you’re feeling extra bold and want to make a statement, this is sure to get people talking—and who doesn’t love that? Here are some examples:

  • Bright red sneakers with a pleated skirt in white and blue stripes.
  • A black pleated skirt with a pair of neon orange sneakers.
  • A white pleated skirt worn with black high tops.

Wear a pleated skirt with a pair of sneakers, an oversized sweater, and a beanie hat

You can wear a pleated skirt with a pair of sneakers, an oversized sweater, and a beanie hat.

  • Wear a beanie hat to keep your head warm in the winter.
  • Pair it with sneakers for an edgy look.
  • Pair it with an oversized sweater and converse shoes for a casual outfit that is comfortable yet stylish.

Wear a beanie hat with a pair of sneakers and converse shoes for an edgy look.

Wear your beanie hat backward and pair it with skinny jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and high tops to complete the look.

Pairing it with jewelry like wristwatches or bracelets!

Wearing your pleated skirt with sneakers is an easy way to look cute and put together, so try pairing it with some accessories.

Add a wristwatch or bracelet that fits your style and make sure it’s not too bulky.

You could also add a pair of earrings or even a hat or beanie!

If you’re wearing a pleated skirt, it’s important to accessorize.

Add a wristwatch or bracelet that fits your style and make sure it’s not too bulky.

Choose high-top sneakers

High-top sneakers give the look of sneakers but with a little more sophistication than regular sneakers.

They’ll make your pleated skirt look less like casual attire and more like something that would be appropriate for work or even going out on the town!

High-top sneakers are a good choice for casual outfits because they can be worn with anything from high-waisted jeans to shorts.

Because of this versatility, these sneakers are perfect for dressing up or down.

High-top sneakers are also a great option for people who want to wear sneakers but don’t want to go completely casual.

They can be worn with jeans or khakis and even with dress pants.

Add high heel socks

If you want to take your look from casual to edgy, try adding high-heel socks underneath your heels.

You’ll still have the comfort of sneakers but with a more edgy feel!

If you’re unsure of how to wear high heels socks, look for a pair that matches your outfit.

For example, if you have on a pair of black jeans and a black top, try wearing white high heel socks.

You can also opt for black, gray or taupe socks if you want to add some color to your outfit.


When it comes to outfitting ideas, there are so many ways that you can dress up your pleated skirt with sneakers.

You don’t have to stick with one look or style—try mixing things up and seeing what works best for each occasion!

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