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8 Post Malone Concert Outfit Ideas: What Should I Wear To The Post Malone Concert?

Post Malone is one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now, and his concerts are always on point.

If you’re going to see Post Malone, you’ll want to get the most out of your concert experience.

That means dressing the part and looking good while doing so.

To help you achieve that goal, here are some ideas for what to wear when seeing Post Malone live on stage.

’90s style

In the 1990s, grunge was all the rage.

Rock stars like Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder brought back a sense of rebellion in their music, and fans wanted to follow suit.

The grunge style is characterized by flannel shirts, baggy jeans, and combat boots (sometimes worn with a chain wallet).

The look also includes multiple piercings and tattoos—people who lived through this era often still have them today!

So to come to the concern of the famous American rapper like Post Malone, it makes sense to wear like in the 1990s.

Bucket hat and t-shirt

While we love an outfit that shows off your personality and makes you feel like yourself, sometimes it’s just fun to go for something that’s comfortable and easy to put together.

That’s where this bucket hat and t-shirt combo comes in! The bucket hat is a great way to add some flair to your outfit, while the t-shirt is practical and comfortable.

It’s summery, but it also has some edge—you can wear this look any time of year once you get the right accessories.

You can also go with any color that shows your personality.

If you’re planning on going to a Post Malone concert this summer and want to fit in with all his other fans, then this bucket hat could be your best bet!

Flannel shirt

The flannel shirt is a timeless favorite that can be worn throughout the year.

It’s perfect for the cooler weather, and it’s also great for keeping comfortable during the spring or summer months.

You can easily find one in any store or online, so don’t worry about having trouble finding one that fits you perfectly!

If you wear your shirt with jeans, I suggest going with a pair of dark-wash jeans.

This will help bring out more colors from the patterns on your shirt and make sure they pop off each other.

If you’re going to be wearing shorts instead of pants, try pairing them with some black sneakers or boots, depending on what kind of event/show it is (if there’s no dress code).

Lace-up combat boots

Combat boots are a great choice for concerts.

The lace-up style is comfortable and stylish, making them versatile enough to wear with many different outfits.

They have a badass look and are comfortable enough for you to wear all night—which means you won’t have any excuse not to be dancing!

You can wear combat boots with jeans, leggings, shorts, or skirts to create an edgy look that will make you stand out at the concert.

Bootcut jeans with holes

The key to a great Post Malone concert outfit is versatility.

You want to be able to wear your clothes, again and again, so don’t forget about the holes! The right amount of rips can really make an outfit pop.

Bootcut jeans are the best choice for your next concert outfit.

They’re flattering and comfortable, and they look great.

You can wear them to almost any type of concert, such as rock concerts, EDM festivals, country music shows…you name it!

If you want to add a little more edge or make your outfit stand out from the crowd’s style choices, though, then try wearing them with holes.

Here’s how:

A graphic T-shirt with a rock group or other music-related motif

A concert is a great place to show your love for your favorite music artist.

You can even show your love for their work by wearing a shirt with their name on it, or you can show off your love of an entire genre.

If you’re wearing a T-shirt with your favorite artist or band on it, try to keep the rest of your outfit simple and clean.

A pair of jeans and sneakers, a short skirt, or something similar is good options.

You can find these shirts all over the place—just Google “Post Malone shirt” and see how many results come up.

A bandana as a headband

If you want to dress like a true fan and accessorize your outfit, consider wearing a bandana on your head and adding a splash of red to your outfit.

Bandanas are in this season and can be used in a multitude of ways: they make great headbands, and they can be tied around your waist or wrist if you’re feeling more casual.

The most important thing is that the bandana looks good with whatever pants you choose to wear.

This is a great look for fans who want to show their love for Post without being too obvious about it but who also don’t mind attracting attention from fellow concert-goers.

If you don’t have a Post Malone concert ticket yet but still want to show your support for him and his music, then it’s time for some serious shopping!

A dark, oversized hoodie

Hoodies are one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe and can be worn with jeans, shorts, or a skirt.

You can also throw a t-shirt or tank top underneath for a different look.

You can wear a black baseball cap and sunglasses to look cooler.

The key is to keep things simple.

You want to look like you’re wearing something Post Malone would wear himself: a dark, oversized hoodie.

Black or gray are both great options—but whatever color you choose, make sure it’s not too bright or too bold; this isn’t the time for color blocking or prints!


We hope these tips helped you find your next concert outfit.

Just remember that there are no rules, only guidelines.

Fashion is all about expressing yourself through what you wear, so have fun with it!

If you want some more ideas for your next big event, check out our other fashion guides.

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